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Dear Friends and Colleagues,


Happy New Year! 2022 marks my 8th year as the District Attorney. Looking back, I’m amazed at how quickly the time has gone. Since my first successful election, it has been a daily honor to serve this great community. I remain humbled and abundantly grateful for the tremendous support I’ve received from so many of you in my continued pursuit of this important position. I am proud of the hard work and accomplishments of the Washoe County District Attorney’s Office, and I’m confident that it is as strong as ever.


Our commitment to public safety has continued to grow alongside the many challenges we face. We’ve had extraordinary success in prosecutions of child sexual predators, violent offenders, habitual criminals and domestic abusers. Additionally, our unprecedented participation in local specialty courts has served to better rehabilitate low-level offenders with substance abuse or mental health problems, making our community safer. My office’s embrace and support of crime victims remains one of my highest priorities, as evidenced by the innovative and successful measures created that protect and assist crime victims daily. My commitment to office efficiency and productivity has also grown. A recent monumental transition to a paperless office has created incredible workflow efficiencies that save taxpayer dollars and exercises greater environmental responsibility. Furthermore, my office continues to make great strides in reaching out to the public we serve by being transparent and sharing important office information with our community, while also receiving essential and transformative feedback.  


These are challenging times. Our population is booming and remains hindered by COVID-19. The scrutiny and expectations placed on law enforcement and prosecutors are rightly at an all-time high. Moreover, misguided criminal justice reform measures are straining the system and lessening accountability for criminal conduct while weakening public safety. Now, as much as ever, Washoe County needs an experienced and proven leader as its chief law enforcement official. Therefore, I am excited to announce that I will be running for re-election in 2022. I consider myself blessed to get to do the job I love in the community I cherish. I would be honored to have your support.  


Please visit my website at and join the campaign.   




Chris Hicks


Paid for by the Committee to Re-Elect Chris Hicks

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